Saturday, September 15, 2012

iTunes Updates

I am so annoyed with iTunes. I have a laptop computer from 2008 - a nice light Toshiba laptop. Unfortunately, it has gotten slower and slower over the years.. and new heavyweight software totally kills it. Well, today I am trying to download a WMA audiobook which I checked out from the library and normally, I download the ODM file. Then I open up Overdrive Media Console. Then I connect my iphone and FINALLY I get to transfer the book over. I have successfully done this numerous times in the past. Well, today, this time, iTunes refuses to connect with my iphone unless I updated to itunes 10.7. So... I have to download this 85 MB file. Which is STILL installing BTW and Overdrive wants an update, too. Jeez. This is so annoying!!!! Why can't they just leave a thing that works alone?!?