Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Transfer Completed!

Today I spent 2 hours moving over this blog from self-hosted Wordpress to Blogger. I think it's better to save on some hosting costs. Can you believe there is no automated way to do this? Or at least I couldn't find one when I searched today. There's information on going from Blogger to Wordpress but not the other way around.

Anyway, the last couple nights I have been going to quasi-holiday get-togethers. The first one was for my book club, which is comprised of women mainly in their early 30s. Only half of which are married. Tonight, I went to an all girls sushi night where most women are in the mid-20s and most are either engaged or married. Very different perspectives! I would say... the older women were kind of more cynical. The odd thing is the younger women were all married! I guess... they wouldn't be going to all girl sushi nights if they weren't attached. Perhaps they would be out prowling for men. Whereas, at the book club, it seems some of the women have given up. Who knows? Anyway, both groups were very nice.