Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Startup?

From Google to Noodles: A Chef Strikes Out On His Own [NYT]

The NYT reports on the chef who left Google is planning to open a healthy cafe offering sustainbly farmed food near Stanford. Wow.

"Mr. Ayers has worked at expensive restaurants and middle-brow chains, cooked privately for families and ran the prepared foods department at a Whole Foods Market. But it is his Google friends - lawyers, business development professionals, engineers and financial experts - that he expects to draw on most of all.

Born in Chicago and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Ayers had a varied résumé even before he started cooking for Google. His love of music led to behind-the-scenes cooking jobs at various music festivals, and Google says on its Web site that Mr. Ayers formerly cooked for members of the Grateful Dead. (It was after Jerry Garcia's death, when the band dissolved, Mr. Ayers said.)"