Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordpress Upgrade and Some Great Plugins

I did some site upgrades recently with the following tools...

WordPress Upgrading Instructions - Extended Version

Yes, I had to use the extended instructions. Unfortunately for me, the automatic plugin did not work. At all.

I backed up my site first. I had to do this manually since for some reason my old backup plugin just wasn't working. I had to go to myPHPAdmin to backup the database and then I just copied over all the files from my Wordpress install folder.

I used Filezilla, the open source ftp client to do the file transfers

Then I just deleted almost all the files and unzipped the newest Wordpress version of 2.6 into the folder.

I unfortunately forgot to deactivate my plugins, but luckily they are still functioning. Hurray.
(I am sure that is not the right thing to do.)

That is about it. It was actually really simple.

Then, oh, I installed the following plugins:

  • All in One SEO Pack. This plugin is supposed to automate a lot of the simple things you should do to make your site more search engine friendly. It is kind obvious stuff like putting the topic of your site inbetween the title tags. Or filling out the description. the nice part is it automates it! Yes!

  • Google XML Sitemaps. Again this is supposed to help search engines figure out what is on your site. Really easy install and no problems so far.

  • Related Posts. I wanted to install this since I want to make sure it is easier to surface similar blog posts. I am just a lazy person and do not want to have to figure out which other posts might interest you manually. I think this is great because it will do a keyword analysis and find similar blog posts. This is all in the vein of content discovery a la Aggregate Knowledge or Choicestream. I am a big fan of content discovery.

  • Post Ratings. This feature lets users rate the postings. Unfortunately since I sadly do not have many readers right now, there are few, if any ratings. However, I am hoping that will change one day and then I can put the top rated posts in the side bar!

My favorite plugins Top 10 and Clean Archives remain. Although I think there is something wrong with the numbers in the parentheses in the archives after each post.. what the heck are those numbers??

Oh well, a problem to deal with another day.

(And BTW some kind of spam bot like inserted all this crap into the footer of my page. It was so shocking!! I had to delete everything.)