Friday, September 19, 2008

Review of Flip Video Camera

At work the other day, my coworker showed me his Flip video camera.

That thing is pretty cool. It is very tiny, about a little bit bigger than a cigarette box or similar in size to an ipod classic. He just pressed a button and recorded a video himself pretending to pick his nose. Hehe.

Anyway, there is a little USB mini-connector and you can plug the camera very easily into your computer and transfer the video. Wow. So quick and easy.

I thought it was a pretty cool gadget and really reminds me more of Clayton Christiansen's work on disruption. This little simple gadget is definitely a low end disruptor. It does not have half the features of most video camcorders but it is cheap and functional. I think it is opening the video recording market to a whole new segment of users who were not going to buy an expensive camcorder anyway. I think they are getting the non-consumers. Flip apparently has 13% of the camcorder market and has sold 1 million units.

Video demonstration from MindBites:

You can get a Flip Camera yourself at Amazon for $115.