Thursday, September 18, 2008

Posterous is really quite cool

I just discovered posterous. I love it. Posterous is a blogging website that uses email as an input device. This is totally in line with my view that email should be integrated with our lives.


Basically you just send an email to and they make a blog in your name at The content of your email becomes a blog post? Isn't that awesome?

If you attach images, they upload the image to the blog. If you add video, they transcode it and put it up. If you add a link to a YouTube video, they embed the video. If you attach an mp3 file, they put a player right in the page.

Wow! I think they've got the user experience just right. People want a "duh, it just works" solution. Keep it simple stupid!!

I have been trying to get the 'post by email' function on this blog to work for a while and it is just sort of a pain. I've been reading code, messing around with account settings..

Posterous is also trying to get integration with other cool web 2.0 services working. Basically you can set up other accounts like Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and if you email to Posterous, they will autopost on the other accounts for you. They make it so easy.

Another interesting feature is they have followers and following ability. So you can see what other posterous users are following a specific blogger and whot they are following.

I am really impressed with them.

I guess in terms of feedback, it would be nice if you could customize your template so that your blog doesn't look like everybody else's. Basically they all look the same.