Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love Remember the Milk!

Okay, after my last post, I've started to use Remember the Milk much more extensively.

It has only been a week, but so far I LOVE IT!

It is really awesome. I am quite impressed that they built and support the application with only TWO people! And they are self-funded. Very impressive.

So why do I like RTM so far?

  • Multiple input methods.

    • I can EMAIL IN my to-do list. This is extremely useful since I can keep the full text of the originating to-do email and refer to it. This has actually been quite killer for me.

      A lot of what I do is email someone a question and wait for a response. Now, I can email the person, then forward the email to RTM and add a due date one week later (using natural language) and add tags to help me remember what this was pertaining to. When I go to RTM, I can see all my items and arrange them in a million different ways: things I'm waiting on, when I last emailed about something, etc.

      Or someone emails me with a question or asks me to look at something. I can just forward that to RTM, add tags, add due dates in my email message and voila it will be all collected in RTM when I need it.

      Basically RTM is like a catch all that I just throw stuff into, without having to open up the web page!

    • Since they've integrated with Twitter, I can send an IM to my Google Talk and send my to-do items very quickly. This is awesome and very easy to do. Sometimes I forget all the syntax for tagging, etc. but I think that will come with more time.

  • Nice and easy organization of tasks.

    • I love the tags. There is also a tag cloud (which I wish showed up on every page) so I can see which categories have the most stuff. [Duh, there is an option under the settings to change this. I wish it were default though]

    • Smart lists. There is also the ability to save custom searches as individual tabs. So I have tabs for contexts (GTD), tabs for work related things, tabs for stuff I'm waiting on, tabs for personal, and a project tab where I keep a list of all my projects and assorted to-do's. This is so awesome. Yes, it is true that you could just add a word into a note or something and then do a search for it. But, the fact that you can save the search is awesome. For example, I can put marks like #something in my Google Notebook and then search for that. But, I have to REMEMBER that I had tags with that. And there is no way to get the full list of #whatevers without getting a lot of other garbage, too.

  • Responsiveness. It works quickly! Since they've made extensive use of Ajax, I can switch back and forth between various categories quickly. I think this is what killed MonkeyGTD for me

  • Support for keyboard shortcuts. I love this. I can navigate around, change due dates, change tags, add a URL, add a note, all without picking up the mouse. It is awesome!!!

  • Offline integration. Since they support Google Gears, when my internet connection is down (which happens more often than not) I can just go into offline mode and continue to manage my to-do list

Things I wish could be improved:

  • I wish I could see both complete and incomplete items for particular project/tag at one time. Sometimes, I just want to see the status of a project and it's hard to do that when I have to switch back and forth.

  • Overdue tasks. I think it would be better if they just showed up under the today tab instead of a separate tab.Otherwise, sometimes I forget about things that are past due (which is really bad!)

  • I wish I could see when I added the task. It's hard to tell if a task is super old and has been forgotten right now.

  • I wish I could find orphaned tasks - that is tasks without tags. since I have such a long, long list of to do's, it's again hard to figure out what's been forgotten

But these are just minor complaints, so far, RTM has been great. Let's just see if I continue to use it when I get back to school.

I am just so impressed that the team keeps such up to date with all the latest applications and builds support so that you can integrate RTM into the other aspects of your life. I really don't know how the team does it! They must be exhausted.