Thursday, March 15, 2007

Google on Treo 650

I just installed two applications from Google - Gmail mobile client and Google Mobile maps. Both are really cool! Google mobile maps is cooler because it's a standalone app and it is going to be sooo incredibly useful when I am out and lost in Boston. It's completely awesome.

Unfortunately, Gmail is not supported for Treo 650's, but there are instructions on the Google site for getting it to work. Hopefully, my Treo will not start crashing all the time. I had to install IBM's java virtual machine which you can get off the Treo site. I downloaded it to my desktop computer and then synced up my Treo with the PRC file.

Then I pointed my browser at the gmail app page which notes that Treo's aren't supported, but it lets you download it anyway. A couple changes to preferences later, I was using gmail on my Treo!

So far, it's a lot better than using the with the Blazer browser. I also considered using Versamail to just pop my email out, but I also download my gmail on Outlook, and I wasn't sure what would happen if I downloaded onto my Treo with Versamail. Would my mail still download into Outlook? Or would I email end up getting split all over the place? I suppose I could've tried it but using the Gmail app is more interesting.

I think one problem with mobile apps is that people always try to port the web to mobile. It just doesn't work. I think things need to be built FOR mobile phones...