Sunday, February 18, 2007

North Shore

Just got back from a nice, relaxing trip to Hawaii. I was there for a friend's wedding at the Moana Surfrider hotel. The wedding was beautiful and just beside the waters of Waikiki beach.

The most fun part of my trip? Probably our drive to the North Shore on Thursday. Here's a chronicle of our trip:
  • A macademia nut farm: the last macademia nut farm still in operation on Oahu, the farm had this cool gift shop with all sorts of flavored macademia nuts! Although they were on the pricey side, the nuts were quite tasty.
  • Then we stopped at Laie Point where we experienced a really pretty view of the north shore, dotted by lots of little islands. On one island was a giant arched hole where the surf flowed through. Apparently, a tsunami punched a hole in the island in 1946! Yikes.
  • Time for a bathroom break and some spam musubi's from L&L Drive-in, a Hawaiian fast food spot. I think they've opened up a location in Manhattan, which I've got to check out.
  • After driving for a bit more, we passed a bunch of shrimp trucks.