Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trying to Watch Survivor

Does anyone else HATE CBS' implementation of watching video online?
I'm trying to catch up on the last episode of Survivor, and honestly, it is such a disaster!

I don't mind the commercials, but, unfortunately, the "inner tube" program doesn't continue the show after the commercials! So it looks like the show is split up into 5 segments and after each segment, you have to watch a commercial. Well, instead of playing the show after the commercial, I just get another commercial and another one, until finally, instead of getting segment 3 - which is the one I wanted - I got segment 5! And there's no way to go back unless you start at the very beginning!

So after sitting through this torture like 3x and STILL not being able to get to the right segment, I just gave up. I'm so frustrated! Why couldn't they implement it the way ABC did? I think that online video player is SO much better. I think I might just go to itunes and buy the show instead. Why do these media companies have to make everything so complicated?? Just create a functioning video player! And let me go to the part of the show I want to see!