Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Underwood Deviled Ham is Disgusting

Since I got food poisoning a couple days ago, I've been steadfastly avoiding ordering room service. I'm still not 100% sure what caused me to get sick. It could have been a number of things. I went on a trip to a nature preserve this weekend and also whitewater rafting in a river.. according to our guide the river could "cause meningitis" if the water was swallowed. Hmmmm.

So what could've caused me to get sick?:
  • Eating a garlic fish on Saturday night
  • Swallowing toxic river water on Sunday morning when I swam in the river -- however, I don't remember swallowing any water
  • Eating not completely safe homemade coffee ice cream after lunch at the lodge I was staying at
  • Using a possibly dirty straw to drink my apple juice box on Sunday night
  • Eating a rather gross barbeque chicken dish from room service on Sunday evening

I think it's the last -- the barbeque chicken dish -- so I've been trying to refrain from ordering room service. Unfortunately, I am entirely tired of processed, canned food, so now I just try to totally fill up at lunch time, eating every last plantain and bit of rice, so that I won't starve at night.

Last night, I ate a can of corn and a can of mandarin oranges for dinner.

Tonight, I was going to cook some spicy Nissin ramen noodles, but then I looked into the Rival Hot Pot Express I had purchased from an Ace store at the mall two weekends ago and I saw that it had rusted!! When I made ramen last Friday evening, I didn't dump out the water immediately like I should have. I just let it sit and now, 5 days later, there's orange rust on the bottom!! That's never happened to me before!

I have a Hot Pot water boiler thing in my apartment in NYC and we would leave water in it all the time. Never once did it rust! I am guessing the one I have here rusted because I scratched up the non-stick surface with my wool sponge the first time I cleaned it???


So, left without any alternatives, I turned to the can of Underwood Deviled Ham that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago. I even tried to search on the Internet for some reviews (no luck there and who are we kidding, who wants to review deviled ham??) Then, of course, my Internet died, so I had to give up on research and finally just opened up the can and spread it on my "Bimbo" white bread.

Blech! I forced myself to eat one slice with it, and then just shred half of the second slice and flushed it down the toilet. I felt like I was eating salty puke!!

Sigh, so now all I have left are my mini-cans of mandarin orange fruit, a couple slices of bread, a wonderful jar of nutella and several packages of uncookable ramen.

Maybe I should invest in a hot plate and some pots after all.. or should I try room service again??? The first couple times I ordered it - I was fine. I had some chicken tacos the first time and huevos rancheros the second time. No problem and pretty tasty, too! It's just that last time and one night of pure misery that makes me really hesitate.

Well, at least I guess I will be quite thin when I get back this summer... unless all the sodium I keep consuming puffs me up of course!

(As an aside, I wish I could find some chunky chicken spread. I used to love that stuff when I was a kid. I think I could eat those type of sandwiches for a while!)