Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Learning Spanish

So what is the best way to learn Spanish? I searched around on the web and found this guy who learned French in 10 months. That's pretty good!

To summarize, these are the steps that he took:
  1. Pick up simple novel in Spanish and try to read
  2. Review grammar text - skim
  3. Study vocabulary with flash cards
  4. Start doing grammar exercises
  5. Listen to Spanish audio courses - repeatedly
  6. Obtain Spanish version of U.S. sitcoms (e.g. Friends, etc.)
  7. Watch in Spanish with English subtitles
  8. Watch without subtitles
  9. Find conversation partners

All the conveniences from the states that he utilized aren't here though. I can't order from Netflix to get films or use meetup to find other people learning. Although I guess I really don't need meetup, since everyone here speaks Spanish anyway!

So I guess I need to find a bookstore so I can find a Spanish edition of Harry Potter. I've always wanted to read the series anyway, maybe this will be a good way to read it and learn at the same time. I also found a children's book using flash in Spanish on the web, too. Aaah, pre-school, perfect for me!

Last night, a Spanish-dubbed version of the Titanic was playing on TV. I tried to watch it -- it was the part where the ship starts sinking, but unfortunately, I couldn't understand anything.

Sigh, learning a language is a slow, arduous process! I have to stay diligent! Basically, everything that I read says that it's better to spend 20 minutes a day every day versus 5 hours on a single day. It's too bad, since I get these bursts of energy and want to study and other times, I just don't feel like it.

Hmm, I also want to learn Chinese. How will I learn both Spanish and Chinese? Gosh, I really admire people who can speak multiple languages!!