Monday, February 27, 2006

A9 "Instant" Reward

Hmm, I've been faithfully searching on every single day and it looks like they've permanently turned off my 1.57% discount!!

I wonder why that is?? Supposedly this is how you qualify:
"You can save an additional 1.57% (π/2%) on virtually all your purchases at by simply becoming a regular user of Once you join and use for a few days you will automatically be eligible for the A9 Instant Reward...

While we are not revealing the exact criteria, they are minimal. If this is your first time at, you will be eligible after a few days of use. If you are already eligible, as little as a few searches a week will keep you eligible. (We reserve the rights to change the eligibility criteria at any time.) The total number of searches is not important; your eligibility depends on your regular use of"

Sigh, perhaps I should just go back to Google. I just prefer the interface more.

Okay, I just went back to the sign-up page and it says I need to "enroll" in the program. Even though I enrolled months ago and have had the discount before, I need to re-enroll??? Isn't that odd?

I'm going to try this for a week, otherwise, it's back to Google!

P.S. Not to be critical or anything, but I noticed that Amazon gave out a bunch of free subscriptions to Amazon Prime in November. I got one, my friends got offers and a lot of bloggers mentioned it, too. Well on Amazon's most recent earnings conference call, they noted how subscribers to Amazon Prime have really risen! Well, duh, if you are giving it away for free, of course it will rise! How many of those new subs are paying subscribers?! Isn't it a bit disingenuous of them to not mention they *gave* away subscriptions on their call or highlight how the service is so popular?