Sunday, January 1, 2006

Thrifty Car Rental Sucks

I feel pretty angry at Thrifty Rent-a-Car, particularly the one located just off the airport in Honolulu. We rented a car from Thrifty on our trip, and when we got our car, the agent asked if we wanted the "pre-pay" gas option. She said that we would charged gas at $2.55 a gallon, versus the current rates of $2.65 a gallon.

Well it seemed like a deal to me, so I thought we should take the deal, which we did.

When we returned the car, it turned out the we had pre-paid for a FULL TANK of gas! So we were charged for a full tank, even though we had only used up half a tank. And the agent at the counter had not explained that to us!! Although she seemed nice, she really wasn't! Isn't that sneaky? I wonder if she was paid on commission.

Anyway, I did some investigating on the Internet, and it turns out I'm not the only one who's been scammed. This guy here had the same pre-pay gas scam pulled on him!

Looking back, I was stressed and in a rush to get to the airport. I think we should've argued the gas charge with the attendant, instead of just feeling bad and tricked at the car rental lot. Is it too late now? Or just too much hassle?

Sleazy companies suck! And unfortunately, since the mandate of a corporation is to make profit, sometimes sleazy tactics are used to make more profits, at the expense of consumers and frankly, society.

Boo Thrifty! I am sure that other car rental companies engage in these types of tactics, too. Has this ever happened to you?!