Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Spoiled Kitty

I just ordered my cat a couple presents:
  • A Drinkwell fresh flow fountain
  • Soft Claws

Drinkwell Fresh Flow Fountain

The Drinkwell fountain is a fresh flowing water fountain for cats. Supposedly, cats drink a lot more water if the water flows fresh. I would agree with that. My cat has an *obssession* with sinks and faucets. She is always climbing around all over the kitchen trying to get more water. She'll even drink out of the bath tub!

Anyway, I hope this gadget will cause her to drink more water and keep her off the counter. Naughty kitty!!

I chose the Drinkwell over the competing Petmate Fresh Flow fountain because the water is actually running down in a stream, like the faucet. I think she'll enjoy that more, even though the Petmate model is supposedly quieter and is definitely cheaper.

Soft Claws

Photo of kitty with pink soft claw manicure

My second purchase, Soft Claws are my last ditch attempt to get her to stop destroying my furniture! She has already clawed up my white couch, and stuffing is coming out of the side. There are claw marks on my leather bag, claw holes in my office chair... and I have to keep her away from my suitcase!

Soft Claws are vinyl nail caps that you can glue on your cat's claws. It covers up the claw so that the cat can't damage things when she scratches.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to glue them on her. She *hates* it whenever I touch her paws, and if you've ever met my cat, you know she's quite feisty.. I'm just going to have to attempt this like early in the morning or after a nap.. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Hopefully this will save my furniture and my luggage!!