Sunday, January 1, 2006

My Favorite Places to Eat in Oahu

In no particular order:
  • Yummy's- Korean fast food, Yummy's is located in the Ala Moana shopping center food court. Very tasty and affordable Korean food. Would've been great to take to the beach for a picnic, but we never ended up doing that

  • Waiola- delicious shave ice. It's shave ice, not shaved, at least in Hawaii, anyway! Try the Azuki Bowl, lots of red beans, tasty mochi balls and condensed milk. Lots of calories, but you could go jogging there from your hotel and treat yourself. Or you could just drive yourself over, which is what my lazy self did

  • Zippy's- a Hawaiian diner. They seem to have Zippy's all over the place in Honolulu; we went to the one on Kapahulu Rd and another one that has a seated serving section. Try the chili with rice, the saimen and the Teriyaki burger. Yum! Open 24 hours, I think, so great for late-night revelry. Can someone please open one on the mainland?

  • Kaka'ako Kitchen- super casual local Hawaiian food. Kane had the chicken pasta, my brother got a mixed plate and I had the ahi tuna salad. Delicious! Everything on the menu looked good, and alas, we only got to eat there once. It's located in Ward Center, really affordable and fun

  • Leonard's- home of the Portuguese donut, the malasada. They have the regular white sugar and cinnamon sugar kind and also donuts with filling (try the guava filling). Really good, but super fattening. I saw a couple large ladies coming out of there!! :) They make the malasadas fresh very often and it's wonderful hot

  • Rainbow Drive-in- another casual Hawaiian place. They take your order at this little window and you eat your food outside on tables. We got the loco moco (hamburger patty with gravy, eggs and rice) , spam and eggs and the corned beef hash. Heart attack, here we come!

  • Romy's shrimp shack or any shrimp shack for that matter- lots of little shrimp places dot the road between Kahuku and Waimea Bay Beach Park. Imagine garlicky shrimp sauteed fresh over some rice. On the North Shore

  • Ryan's- a bar type place with yummy food. We really liked the poke and ahi tuna appetizer, and the kahlua pork quesadillas were great! Watch out though, the food was a bit salty

  • Duke's- a beachside bar and resturant in the Outrigger hotel. The food was good, not particularly spectacular, but the location is why this place is fun to go to. Right on the beach, with a beautiful view. Another fun thing to do is to rent a beach umbrella just in front of the Duke's and chill out on the crowded sand. Try the Lava Flow drink.

  • Some other places I wish I got the chance to try were:
    • Sam Choy's- supposedly a nicer local food place. Creative local food with big portions
    • Hale Vietnam- good Vietnamese food
    • Pho Tri- I love pho, which is beef noodle soup
    • Farmer's Market at Ward Center- apparently they sell poke by the pound here. I love poke
    • Matusmoto's or Aoki's- shave ice on the North Shore

    Aaah, too much food, not enough time or space in my stomach.