Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Locked Out of Gmail

I received a notification that I'd been locked out of my gmail account for 24 hours this afternoon.

What the hell?!

The notice said that they suspected "abnormal usage" and asked if I was using any third-party applications.


The only thing I use my gmail account for is email. That's it! And I don't use any third-party applications. I don't understand why they're doing this. It's sort of shocking, and I feel quite powerless.

I wrote them an angry email, and asked for a personal response.
I got a form letter in response.

I then tried to log on again, using a different browser (normally I use Maxthon) and I was able to log in. Regardless of that, I don't consider gmail as a reliable email account anymore. I've just set up my gmail account to forward all emails addressed to gmail to my Yahoo! account for back-up purposes. I think it's pretty ridiculous that I have to do that, especially since I've undertaken no unusual activity with my email. Yuck!