Thursday, January 26, 2006


We've been having 24 marathons at my apartment.

Since all of us haven't kept up or watched any episodes of 24, about 2 weeks ago, I rented the first disc of 24, season 1. Little did I know our 24-watching would devolve into hours upon hours of 24-zombification.

We finished the first disc 1 day. Since Kane couldn't wait for Blockbuster to ship out the next disc, he went to Hollywood Video and picked up disc 2. We finished that right away, then, we scarfed up disc 3 and 4, and while halfway through 4, Kane picked up 5 and 6 also from Hollywood Video.

There is something to be said for instant gratification. Video store demise? I don't know...

Meanwhile, slow old Blockbuster finally shipped out disc 3, which I immediately returned and now I have disc 5 from Blockbuster, which isn't too useful...

It's kind of *crazy*!

When I went to return disc 4 at Hollywood, the video guy was like, "So it's you who's had this disc. Everyone is looking for it! So now you want dic 5 right?"

"I already have both 5 and 6," I sheepishly admitted. How embarassing! I guess they will be hunting me down for those discs, although at the rate we're going, we'll be done by tonight at 2 am.

So last night, we persuaded Angela to put aside her work for some couch potato fun. We were only going to watch one more episode, but.... ack, we watched all four of disc 5 in one sitting!!

BTW, I didn't realize how cool Keifer Sutherland was until I watched this show. Last summer, when I went out with Angela, Trevor and Dave, we went to Underbar and guess who was outside? Keifer! He was pretty friendly, considering he had lame people gawking at him at 2 in the morning. Unfortunately, none of us had watched 24, and I think someone thought he was Kevin Bacon. We're lame!

Here's a fun interview with a writer on the show about the challenges of writing a story with everything happening in real-time. Unfortunately, I haven't read it because I don't want anything given away! I guess it will be at least several months before I'll get to read it...

What's going to happen next in Season 1? (Don't click if you haven't watched any 24..) Currently, they are

in a creepy Type 3 prison run by the Department of Defense. The lights have gone out. Jack is with a crazy militant criminal prisoner who he thought was dead.

Is Jack's stupid daughter going to figure out how to get out of jail after being busted for involvement in a drug deal?

Will Jack ever appreciate Nina? Will Nina ever find love and happiness, or will she remain Jack's tool? Maybe they will get rid of Terry.

And will Senator Palmer's evil wife get whacked by someone?