Monday, December 26, 2005


Post from Xooglers on the brilliance of the founders of Google:
"First, I accept that Larry and Sergey really are brilliant. I'm sure that on IQ tests, they're off the charts, but that's not the kind of brilliance I mean. I mean brilliant in the sense that they have a vision that burns so brightly within them it scorches everything that stands in its way. The truth is so obvious to them that they have no patience for the niceties of polite society when bringing that vision to life."

Wow, can you imagine having that much conviction about something?

A vision that burns so brightly within them it scorches everything that stands in its way.

I wonder how long Google will let Xooglers keep up his blog? Or do you think it's Google-approved?

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jellyfish T-shirts!

Hey everyone,

Check out these blue jellyfish t-shirts from Threadless!

$15 for a guy shirt and $17 for a "girly" tee.

Get one today! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

links for 2005-12-22

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

links for 2005-12-21

Greed is good?

Greed is good for you? [Economist]

"So what lessons can ordinary mortals glean from the Krocs and the Kerkorians? First, be your own boss—then nobody can sack you or force you to retire. Voters and managers, who control the fates of politicians and of ordinary workers, are foolishly susceptible to ageist prejudice. Shareholders, by contrast, don't care how wrinkly a chap looks so long as he delivers the dividends. Second, never retire—it rots the brain. "

Sounds like sage advice.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

How cute!

Baaaaaby Animals blog

Also see Cute Overload


Check out this web-based IM aggregator called Meebo.. IM your friends anywhere, without downloading software! Cool.

Founded by some kids I knew in college. Wow!

Update - they've just been funded by Sequoia. Whoa!

Friday, December 16, 2005

links for 2005-12-17

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Links for Wednesday

Wayfaring Map - Christmas Trees in New York City
Make your place festive with a Xmas tree!

Interactive Transit Map for NYC
Another Google mash-up. Tell it where you want to go and it will tell you how to get there, barring a strike of course!

How to Split a Shared Cab Ride - Economists Weigh In
If you've ever been confronted with this dilemma, you'll find this link pretty interesting. Unfortunately, it seems a bit overly complex with all these economists' views!

Showtime may rescue 'Arrested Development' - Yahoo! News
Hurray for Arrested Development

Num Sum: web spreadsheet
Cool web spreadsheet program.I've been looking for something like this!! Unfortunately, it's not responsive enough for my taste.

Can This Man Reprogram Microsoft? - New York Times
Ray Ozzie - leading a revolution at Microsoft? And is Google going to roll out a killer $200 thin-client computer?

MacGyver Tip: Remove lint with a FedEx airbill pouch - Lifehacker

Eight Life Hacks for Health, Wealth, and Happiness :
Some advice on simplifying

Blockbuster Introduces MovieSuite
29.99 per month for online DVD rentals, 2 coupons for in-store rentals AND 2 tickets for the movie theatre... seems like a good idea, if you actually use it, unlike me who pays Blockbuster $16 per month for the pleasure of holding Big Lebowski and Blue Velvet - Uggs Again? What Last Year's 'It' Gift Does for an Encore
I just bought some Ugg boots last week. They are super duper comfortable and VERY warm, even if they don't look very attractive

Calculation of NPV of MBA
Is an MBA worth it? Note that the author assumes 10% earnings growth post-MBA and 7% earnings growth without an MBA. I think the earnings growth should be about the same, but maybe the starting point would differ?

The Consumerist: Shoppers Bite Back
Interesting new blog from Gawker Media for consumers -- watch out for scams!

theory.isthereason » From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links
Guide to posting links to Wordpress blogs using Del.icio.ous... pretty easy and hopefully it will work!
Update: It didn't work.. I did this manually today, but last night it looked like Delicious was "down for maintenance." Hopefully it will work today :(

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has come out with a new service called Yahoo Answers. Looks pretty interesting... the new site is a community based Q&A forum.

Basically anyone can type in any question and any user can submit an answer. So in some respects, it's like Wikipedia or eHow or How-To By You (an experimental website where anyone could answer how-to questions, looks like it's down now), where you leverage the knowledge of the community to find answers.

As this recent NYT article, "Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar", notes, though, information posted by users online may not be accurate or reliable.

I think Yahoo Answers is interesting, but another challenge might be the ease by which users can find information. I hope they've set up good categories and contexts. For example, what if questions are related to NYC and services -- say I want to find a good hair-dresser or a reliable petsitter. It would be nice to have a good place to ask these questions, sort of like Chowhound's message board, except for everything instead of just food.

Here's a couple links to information services/resources:
  • Go Ask Alice - Columbia University's health Q&A service
  • Flyer Talk - for travel information and deals by frequent travelers
  • Judy's Book - a new service that seeks to help you find good local help in your community. "Does someone know a good plumber?"
  • Gothamist Forum - for NYC related discussion and sometimes good advice
  • Google Answers - if you're willing to cough up some dough

Hmm, there was a NYT article discussing the rise of these answering services, but I can't seem to locate it. Furl's search function really sucks!! Does anyone remember that article? There was also another article in NYT (or was it the New Yorker?) discussing the researchers behind Google Answers... ordinary people who like to sleuth around on the Internet for answers to questions.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Grim Slide

Instant millions can't halt winners' grim slide [NYT]"

"For Mack W. Metcalf and his estranged second wife, Virginia G. Merida, sharing a $34 million lottery jackpot in 2000 meant escaping poverty at breakneck speed.

Years of blue-collar struggle and ramshackle apartment life gave way almost overnight to limitless leisure, big houses and lavish toys. Mr. Metcalf bought a Mount Vernon-like estate in southern Kentucky, stocking it with horses and vintage cars. Ms. Merida bought a Mercedes-Benz and a modernistic mansion overlooking the Ohio River, surrounding herself with stray cats...

In 2003, just three years after cashing in his winning ticket, Mr. Metcalf died of complications relating to alcoholism at the age of 45. Then on the day before Thanksgiving, Ms. Merida's partly decomposed body was found in her bed."

How sad!

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Minimal Marginal Cost

It seems like all companies with products where the marginal cost to serve is minimal are struggling with their business models -- look at drug companies, film companies, music companies. It costs quite a bit to develop the product upfront, either through R&D or costs to film. But once the product is developed, the cost to distribute another item is pretty inconsequential.

That's why you get 90% margins on some drugs or 90% margins to print another DVD. But the cost of creating the product isn't encapsulated in the physical components of the product -- it's in the intellectual content needed to make the product.

Is there a solution to this dilemma?

External link:
Through Charities, Drug Makers Help People - and Themselves [WSJ]