Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Low light plants for cats?

Okay, anyone have any ideas for low-light plants that aren't toxic for cats?

My apartment is sort of dim, since I'm in the back of the building and all the plants I buy *always* die! It's sort of depressing. Even the "fool-proof" aloe plant died! :( My friend was shocked to hear that.

And, on top of that, I have a cat that loves to eat plants. Right now I've switched back to bamboo plants, since they are basically indestructible.. Well, indestructible at least from owner neglect. I'm not so sure my bamboo plants are tough enough to withstand my kitty's proclivity for chewing on leaves. Maybe that's why my cat keeps throwing up? What is she eating?!

Anyway, any ideas for easy, pretty plants that can survive with little light and withstand some light chewing (okay, maybe not-so-light)?

I looked into the peace lily, but apparently it's toxic for cats. And I would love to get a parlor palm, but I can't find one. Any other ideas?!

I wish that Home Depot and other plant stores would label their plants better. Usually there's just a whole bunch of tiny plants in pots without names or anything, except for something vague like "fern." What if I'm a plant novice and don't know how to care for the plant? Or need to know the light conditions? Or want to check if the plant is toxic?

I've taken to carrying plant lists when I go plant-shopping, but even doing that, it's nearly impossible to locate the proper plant. Maybe I should carry a plant *book* with photos or something.

Can someone save us urban, amateur "gardeners"?!