Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Don't let consumption consume you

Rule of the day: Don't let consumption consume you.

I like shopping. I mean, I don't like going to retail stores, but I like doing research when I'm about to make a purchase, I like to consider all my options and preferences. I like to ponder what I'm going to buy. But, I realize that my apartment is filled with all sorts of cool things that I never use. Like that Braun hand blender. Or that Foodsaver vacuum saver. I mean, those are awesome tools, and I used them a ton when I first bought them a year and a half ago, but now they are sad appliances lying lonely in the kitchen. They haven't felt my caress in over a year.

Poor things. Should I toss them? I like to throw things out, but I think I tend to swing from one extreme to the next. I either hoard everything (e.g. my 4 pints of Haagen Dazs Almond Hazelnut ice cream) or throw things away/donate that I need (my favorite grey pants).

Is there a way to enjoy the act of shopping without actually buying more stuff? I have so many pairs of shoes, but I still want to buy those Camper boots I saw last weekend and a big white puffy jacket for the winter. Oh and rain boots and a trenchcoat for when it's pouring outside. I feel like my "to buy" list is never-ending.

Can I get my mind out of the shopping gutter?

Last night, I saw a 300 GB hard drive for $40. Even though I don't need a hard drive and I have plenty of space, I still thought seriously about buying it. I mean, $40!? Then I started to wonder about SATA versus IDE, and decided I didn't feel like going through the brain damage of figuring it out.

And do I really need both a Spud Trooper *and* a Darth Tater? Even if they are really cute pieces of plastic?