Thursday, October 20, 2005

Giving Credit Where Credit

Giving proper credit... so earlier, I commented on the incredible ability of Google Desktop search to locate scanned image files. I had given credit to Google for creating such an amazing application that could search scanned documents, however, on further investigation, I've discovered that the true reason that I can search my files is that my Canon LiDe 30 scanner creates "searchable" pdf files when I scan! (I still think GDS is quite cool, though. And they *are* partnering with OCR guys who will recognize characters in scanned files.)

But, I should give credit where credit is due. Thank you Canon and thank you Adobe!

Also, let me tell you about one more neat thing I discovered with Adobe Acrobat. If you take any scanned document, you can go to the "Document" menu and select "Recognize Text using OCR" and it creates a searchable pdf file!!

I'm not sure if this feature is available for Acrobat Reader, but it certainly is available in Standard (version 7.0). What an incredible and useful feature!!

I wish I had figured this out earlier!

Okay, sorry for all the exclamation points. I just can't control my enthusiasm!