Sunday, July 3, 2005

Update on Evernote

I noticed that Evernote is now officially no longer beta and is available as a purchase-able release!

That's great and everything, but I don't think they've fixed a number of bugs that sort of annoyed me with the beta version. The main thing that annoys me is the inability to print pages without having the right side cut off!!

When I travel, I try to clip out a bunch of articles I've been wanting to read and lately I've been using Evernote for this. Unfortunately, I can't print out all the notes I've clipped without missing parts! :(

Since Evernote expects users to pay money for this product, I sure hope they get this feature fixed soon!

(Oh and to add to my list of complaints, how about removing the words "Evernote" on the top of every single note printed? I mean, when you use Microsoft Word for notes, you don't see Microsoft on every single printed page, do you?)