Sunday, July 24, 2005

Links for Sunday

  • Amusing website dedicated to feeding Lindsay

  • NYC subway + Google Maps upgraded [onNYTurf]

    Like the other site, but this one connects the dots.. neat

  • Singer launches career on eBay [BBC]

    ""I kind of understood how the industry worked in terms of the royalties scheme, so I put up an auction as an individual saying that if you invest £3,000 in me, I'll give you a quarter percent of my life's earnings in music."


  • U.S. to offer Doctos Free Electronic Records System [NYT]
    Finally! Since doctors are so under-capitalized and most lack scale, most small physician practices are unlikely to benefit from spending large sums on information technology... I'm so glad Medicare is doing something about it! This should make the healthcare industry much more efficient and save lives; _if_ it gets implemented and adopted.