Sunday, July 3, 2005

I guess this is "social networking week" at Super Jellyfish.

Try this cool website called 43things. The site is a social network for aspirations.

Once you sign up, you can list up to "43 things" that you what to do with your life. Some things other people have listed include:
  • Live passionately
  • Get out of debt
  • Have better posture

Once you list your own items, you can see which other list the same aspirations as you. You can also post entries about the progress you've made towards your goals or lack thereof. Most popular goals are listed in larger type on the main page and you can also check out most popular goals of the day.

The site was created by The Robot Coop and funded by Their next big release is something called 43 Places -- a social network for places you want to go.

You know, every time I look on the Internet, I'm amazed by the amazing things a small group of dedicated people can create. Its truly incredible and exciting! (And, I'm also impressed by the number of neat things that Amazon has funded.)