Friday, June 10, 2005

Why Blogs Are Great

I really enjoy and like reading blogs because the writers are much more HONEST.

Usually, when you read a news article or book or marketing document from a business, the person doesn't necessarily let their voice shine through. They don't say what they REALLY think. Instead, things get couched in all sorts of euphemisms.

Like, I recently read a posting about the new double-decker Airbus plane that is going to be super-giant and hold many people. The PR says that there will be nice lounges and places to hang out on the plane.

A blogger said, "Yeah right, with poor airlines and price-conscious travelers, people are going to get packed in like sardines."

And that's so true!

Its so refreshing to hear a voice of honesty and truth, without regard to (1) what advertisers think or (2) what a company is going to think. People can tell so many lies, especially if their livelihood is at stake.