Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sometimes Technology Just Gets in the Way

Bob Gurr, one of the heads behind the creation Disneyland, reminisces about work and life without technology:
"Running a business was so simple. You had time to perform actual work since you were not busy typing memos, reports, and such. You were not in the publishing business using Xerox and page collators. Email never got in the way of reading the vast amount of inbox copies of all the great communications from hundreds of co-workers. No, you did REAL WORK. Thank God, we built Disneyland before Mr. Xerox invented his publishing empire.
Why WRITE stuff when you DO stuff...

"The projects would not need coordinators or project managers. Everyone did the coordinator stuff as a matter of course while doing the work. Today if a coordinator came around to gather info, you'd have to stop your work just to explain details to some new soul who had little knowledge of what the work entailed. Managing the work can stop the work! Why have long meetings followed by reams of reports circulated to other folks. Look at all the modern business tools we have today. When we were building Disneyland, none of them had been invented yet, so they could not interfere with our WORK!"

So true! With everyone reading and writing reports on everything, who is actually creating things and producing something tangible?