Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Shufflin' Along

So I bought an ipod shuffle a couple of weekends ago, and I really like it!

At first, I thought the lack of an LCD screen would really bug me. And it sort of did at first, since I felt like I was listening to this giant vacuum of songs, and I just felt like I had no control what I listened to.

Then I thought about it some more, and decided to think of the shuffle as a "personal radio" -- so now, when I listen I treat it more like a radio, where I hope a song I like comes on, but I have no expectation of being able to control what's next. And I really like it that way!

Another thing that I've done is pared down the playlist on my ipod so that only my current favorite songs are on the shuffle -- no listening to music I'm sick of.

I think the best part about the shuffle is that its really simple, light and easy to use. I used to have an ipod mini (which was sadly stolen) and every morning, I would have to fumble to turn it on, scroll to a song/playlist, etc. It was also heavy and added extra weight to my bag, and I constantly worried about dropping it or damaging it. I eventually stopped using it every day, since it was such a hassle to take it out of a case, turn it on, pick a song, press play, etc. As you can see, I'm supremely lazy. :)

With the shuffle, its the size of a stick of gum. I don't worry about dropping it at all, since its so light and since there are no options, in the morning its easy to turn it on, stick the earphones in my ear and press play. No choices and easy listening. Since my commute is so short, its really nice to have something simple to use.

And I use it to move music around from one computer to another.

The only thing I wish the shuffle could do is play one song over and over. Hehe, I'm the kind of person that likes to play a song to death! Oh well!

Check out this blog entry on how to use the ipod shuffle function better. (Create your own 5-star radio!)