Friday, June 10, 2005


Been playing around with a neat tool called pbwiki..

Basically the service is a hosted, web-based wiki. Really easy to set up, you just enter your WikiName and email address and voila they will set up a password-protected wiki for you.

You can also share the passwords with friends for group collaboration.

So far, I like the service quite a bit. Its super duper easy to create another page, link to outside pages and edit what's already there.

The only questions I have are:
  • How can I be certain the data will still be there? What if the service goes down?
    pbwiki provides a downloadable zip file of the wiki pages, so I guess I can just periodically download them. That's nice, but the question remains, what if I become dependent on this tool and it becomes no longer available?

  • How secure is my data?
    How do I know that someone isn't going to hack into their database and steal my information? I mean, obviously, right now I've put nothing of importance into the wiki, but at some point, there might be personal data that I want to make sure no one can access.

  • What's the size limit?
    Right now, pbwiki hasn't specified a size limit on the number of pages that can be made or anything, but this issue does concern me, because I tend to be an information hound -- what if I surpass their unspecified limit?

You know, I guess if pbwiki was backed up by a major Internet provider like Google or Yahoo I would probably feel better about using it.. But, cool little innovations like this don't typically come from juggernauts, though, huh?

So, anyway, this is a cool information manager! Try it out.. its very easy!

(P.S. Some other info managers to try are Evernote and Onfolio.)