Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Great article by Gene Weingarten on Eskimos living in Savoonga, Snowbound.

Sort of a depressing story, but uplifting in some parts, too. The question remains, what is the point of subsistence?

"Out there in the enveloping whiteness, it had been possible to lose yourself, fishing with Eskimos in the Bering Sea the way it has been done since the age of the igloo. There was no village, there were no dead kids, no fog of denial, no generation in agony, literally bored out of its mind. There were no soul-wrenching choices between survival of self and survival of a culture... It was possible to comprehend the joy of surviving by your skills and savvy on the bounty of the Earth alone, in defiance of whatever hell nature and fate throw at you. And it was possible to understand why, lost in that moment, you could want to live that way forever."