Thursday, May 5, 2005

Random Unrelated Links

  • How to get what you want whenever you want [CNN Money]
    Seven rules for negotiating... not sure if I agree with point #2 which says "If the job title isn't important to you, act like it is -- and then pretend to grudgingly accept a lesser title."

    If you've read Getting To Yes, putting stakes in the ground and pretending you care about issues that aren't important is not recommended as the way to go. You're not looking for a middle ground, you're looking for common ground.
  • Funeral homes face lawsuit from angry consumers [WSJ]
    Consumers are pissed off that they are getting overcharged for caskets... the death-care industry has transformed in recent years as large funeral-service conglomerates have bought up the mom-and-pop shops. They are focused on running "a profitable business". Interesting... I thought death care was a calling?

    What if they come up with for-profit churches next?