Friday, May 20, 2005

Hard Sell

Plaxo comments on the used-car salesperson sales tactics used at 24 Hour Fitness

He’s well trained and he tried to use a high-pressure sales tactic on me. He threw out gems like “clearly, you need to get back into a gym routine” and “you didn’t come in tonight looking for a deal, you came in looking to join a gym. Let’s get you started right now.” Um… ok, not exactly the angle I would’ve chosen, but I guess he’s the sales guy, and I’m the unwitting customer right?

Unfortunately, a lot of gyms other than 24 Hour Fitness continue to use the hard-sell technique to try to win customers. I guess this made sense 20 years ago, when exercise wasn't as much in the consciousness of Americans.

But hello! Its 2005!

Even the Food Pyramid recommends physical activity!

Seems to me there should be enough consumer demand to just let a customer walk in, view a clear pricing system and sign up! That's simple enough, right?

The industry will change, but it takes time.