Monday, May 2, 2005

Fictional Bloggers

Check out this blog called Clublife that supposedly is "an online narrative of the life of a bouncer at two of New York's most popular nightclubs."

I wonder though, is this really an anonymous bouncer? Or is this a product of an aspiring writer with an overactive imagination?

For example, there was Anonymous Lawyer, which were "stories from the trenches, by a fictional hiring partner at a large law firm in a major city".

At its peak, the blog would receive 40+ comments on individual entries talking about their lives as laywers. Many readers felt the blogger was a real lawyer, blogging in secret:
""What A.L. posts on a daily basis are the precise reasons I have left practice and am now in a `law-related field,' " one reader wrote.
"Very good possibility A.L. is one of the corporate partners at L.W. in Costa Mesa," one reader wrote."

I wonder how they felt when it turned out the author was:

Jeremy Blachman, a self-effacing 25-year-old third-year Harvard law student whose firsthand experience of Big Law comes down to a round of recruiting interviews last fall.

as outed in a NY Times article last fall.

I suppose a fictional account does not make the message any less meaningful, right?

It looks like Blachman closed his blog to comments after his identity was revealed, surely he will get some sort of book deal?

Check that, he did.