Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Cool Plugins - Clean Archives and Top Posts

I've done a little tinkering with Wordpress plugins and installed a couple which will hopefully make navigation a lot of easier.

The first plugin I installed was Clean Archives.

What the plugin does is display links to posts by date.

Sounds simple enough, right? But for some reason, Wordpress doesn't default with a function that will do that -- the archive functions will show the month, day, or year, or just list off all the post titles, but not show the post titles (and links) by date.

The second plugin I installed is Top 10 Posts/Views.

When you come to a site like this one, or even a news site, its hard to know what's interesting or what's good to read. That's why its nice to know what everyone else thought was interesting or spent time looking at.

(For example, news pages I always frequent are NY Times Most Emailed Articles and Yahoo! News Most Popular. I can always find a gem or two by looking at those sites... I suppose I am just a lemming at heart.)

So this plugin enables that by setting up a counter, which counts the number of times a specific post has been viewed. It also lets you display the Top 10 most popular posts, so for now, I've put that in the sidebar.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Screenshot(If you try to install it on your blog, note that you need to create a table in your MySQL database to track the counts. Its actually simple to do, if you go to phpMyAdmin, select your blog database, click on "SQL", then just insert the table creation code from the file into the "Run SQL Query" box. Click on the thumbnail for a screenshot.)

So if you're a new visitor to Super Jellyfish, check out the most popular posts!