Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Blockbuster Has Some Work To Do

So I've been a subscriber to Blocksbuster's DVD subscription service for the past several months, and lately I haven't been paying attention to my queue (or even watching movies) much at all.

(I suppose I am the perfect customer, since I just pay my bills and I don't even watch the DVD's!)

Anyway, I think they have some systems issues to work through still. Maybe its a result of growing too fast?

I've had Sophie's Choice on my queue for the past few months. (Meryl Streep is a great actress.) Well, in the past two weeks, Blockbuster has supposedly sent me the movie twice and both times, the movie was sent right back to Blockbuster.

So I received an email notifying me that the DVD had been sent and then an email from them saying they had received the DVD back. WTF?

So, each time I got the two messages, I put Sophie's Choice back in my queue, at the top.

So Blockbuster sent it again.

Then, I received someone else's movie -- Meet the Fockers -- in the mail. Huh? So I assumed that was a mistake and just sent it back.

Well, then for some reason, Blockbuster sent out another movie, this time Nowhere in Africa.

So now I have four movies out (Sideways, Blue Velvet, Sophie's Choice and Nowhere in Africa).

I am on the three movie plan.

Are they going to charge me extra?! They better not! (Although you have to question the scrupulousness of the people at Blockbuster -- they generated six percent of rental revenue from LATE FEES alone!)

Maybe what happened was they sent Sophie's Choice to the wrong address (the Fockers mix-up) and so when Sophie's Choice got "returned" by me, I got another movie. And then when I sent Meet the Fockers back, I also got another movie.

Isn't that strange?

Anyway, it hasn't affected me since I haven't been watching my DVD's. However, if you were a hard-core movie fan, this service would be seriously irritating!