Monday, May 2, 2005

Black Pearl

I ordered from this new place in the East Village a couple nights ago called Black Pearl (no, not Alex Rosten's pearl milk tea shop). According to menu pages, "the whole kitchen staff is from Maine."

Well, whether or not that is true, the Lobster Roll was terrific!

After going to Maine last fall, and being able to find delicious lobster rolls for less than $10, I've been searching for a place in Manhattan that can provide something similar.

At $20 a pop, the lobster roll at Black Pearl isn't cheap, nor is it really that big.

However, the bread roll was crispy, yet soft at the same time. And lobster overflowed out of the little roll...

The dish comes with french fries (although they were cold, they were nice and crunchy) and pickles, etc.

I also ordered the Portsmouth seafood chowder ($7.95). When I told the guy on the phone my order, he heartily approved of it. And it was chock full of lots of different types of seafood... but, for some reason, it wasn't amazing. I thought it was just okay, but the seafood was definitely fresh. Not enough flavor?

In any case, I am so glad to have found a place that delivers lobster roll in the East Village!

In Midtown, there's a place called Wild Edibles (212-213-8552) that carries lobster roll, but at the outrageous price of $28.99. And that's all that it comes with -- just a LOT of lobster on a bread roll. They also use an extraordinary amount of this mayo-ey sauce, so when I ordered it, the sandwich was dripping all over the place.

Black Pearl [Menu Pages]
14 Avenue A b/w 1st and 2ndt St
Take Out / Delivery
MC/Visa/Amex (Amex not set up when I called)
Mon-Wed: 4pm-12am
Thu-Sat: 5pm-2am

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