Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Another Info Manager: Onfolio

Northwest VC has a lengthy post on his blog about the tool Onfolio and how he finds it indispensable.

Verrry interesting. Maybe I should try out this product!

What is Onfolio? [Go to the offical website.]

"Onfolio is a PC application for reading RSS news feeds, collecting and organizing online content, and publishing to email, weblogs and web sites."

The product costs $30 for the personal edition and $100 for the "professional" edition. Hmmm.

Is the product easy to transfer from one computer to another though? Is it mobile?

Again, I switch from computer to computer from morning to evening to weekend. I don't want all my precious stuff landlocked on one machine.

But, is Onfolio funded by Vulcan Capital (employer of Northwest VC)? Gotta watch out for those conflicts of interest...

Another interesting factoid, Paul Allen founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, worked there for 8 years before being forced into retirement due to Hodgkin's Disease. According to Forbes, Allen is worth $21bn today ($5bn of which is in Microsoft stock). Pretty fruitful 8 years, huh? (Allen owns Vulcan Capital.)