Friday, April 29, 2005

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

I've been reading the book Bringing Down the House. Its a very easy read -- I've only spent maybe an hour reading it, and I'm already halfway through the book.

[This differs materially from my experiences reading The New Yorker.]

Well, whenever I read a book, I always want to know what other people thought about it, want to see some discussion around the plot or characters or whatever. So I went to the Amazon website to see other reader's reviews.

The interesting thing is that one of the reviewers commented that he felt the whole story was a lie. As in, there is no proof any of this really happened!

And you know... the main character's name "Kevin Lewis" isn't his real name. What proof do we really have that this isn't a long drawn-out dream of Kevin, as told to Ben Mezrich?

I mean, I do believe that its one hell of a story. And I think the reviewer said something along the lines like, feeling that this is a true story makes is more exciting/interesting.. I guess that is true! I mean, if I read the story feeling like it was fiction (made-up) instead of being excited about a group of MIT kids actually making mad bucks off a large casino, maybe I wouldn't be as interested.

I guess this goes back to the question, if a tree falls in a forest and no one saw or heard it, did it really fall?

Is the past just a dream that we made up?

Studies have shown that people's perception of the past often differs materially from their feelings when they lived through it.