Wednesday, April 20, 2005

VC Blogs

I've been reading some VC blogs lately, and it seems like they mostly use the Movable Type platform. As in they pay $4.95 a month to be hosted on Typepad or have installed the software and are hosted somewhere.

Some of them use Blogger.

How come they don't use Wordpress?

Seems weird to me.

Maybe its because Wordpress is Opensource and free?

They have to support products that make money, right?

Or maybe Wordpress is just too "techy" and they want to use the platform that the masses would use?

In addition, most of them have 3 column layouts and are very hard to look at design-wise. It might a limitation of Typepad/MovableType (I feel like you need to really know CSS/html to modify the template).

However, you would think that since these guys are champions of new technology and innovation, they would have user-friendly and clear layouts.

Instead, they are cluttered, crowded, confusing...

That being said, its easier to be a critic than a performer. And content matters more than the container, however, a clear container makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

[And to be fair, not all of them have crowded, confusing layouts.]

Some VC blogs to check out (in no particular order):