Saturday, April 9, 2005

Super Models Only, No Sleep Required

Last night, I had a mini America's Next Top Model marathon. Okay, I guess watching two episodes in a row doesn't count as a marathon.

In any case, I sat down to watch blotches grow all over Michelle's face, the tough wrestler from Indiana. I watched all the models get sprayed with water and greased up for a "sexy, mechanic" shoot.

How fun! [Well, maybe getting sprayed with water and getting blown by a giant fan isn't exactly fun...]

I haven't decided who my favorite is yet this season. Last season, I liked YaYa even though I know she was kind of a snob. A pretty and intelligent snob, though!

Maybe Tiffany? The skinny black girl with a reformed attitude? Naima, the multi-ethnic girl with the honeyed-voice and mohawk?

Hmmm.. But for some reason, Brittany the XXX girl and Keenya get on my nerves. I know they are becoming best friends forever, but is staying in a fancy hotel and getting room service really that wonderful? Okay, maybe I am getting cynical.

I wonder what's happened to the other winners? Eva the diva I see plastered all over these Cover Girl promotions during the show, but what happened to Yoanna and Adrianne?? Have they found fame and success?

Or is Adrianne still wearing dog-collar chokers and pumping iron?

Watching all these episodes, I still went to sleep late and got up relatively early today, and for some reason I'm not exhausted!

Is it due to the chocolate golden buttercream cupcake I ate last night?!