Saturday, April 2, 2005

Solutions to Everyday Problems - ePaper

In the spirit of "see a need, fill a need", I am going to list a gripe that I wish someone would come up with a solution for:ePaper

I know this is in the works, I just wish someone would come out with it sooner. Whenever I have to travel, I end up turning into a pack mule. Loaded down with stacks and stacks of paper that I (i) need to read or (ii) need information from, I quickly have to decide what's super important and what can be carried in electronic form in my laptop. Since I usually can't decide, I end up carrying several extra tons of paper with me on trips.

While this process of filtering is good, there are always moments of, crap I am out of battery power, but I need to access x, y or z document. And if my computer is functioning, its totally painful to have to read long pdf documents or long text on the screen. That's why I think a flat, flexible, portable piece of ePaper could be awesome.

The gadget I'm thinking about would be extremely light, and it would read like a black/white piece of printed paper (this is since I think color is more expensive). I'd be able to quickly load up the latest copy of the Wall Street Journal (which I only subscribe to online anyway), or a book I'm interested in or financial documents on companies I'm researching.

So basically, it would be a piece of paper, only enhanced. Long battery life is essential (maybe it could be rechargeable) and if it was Wi-Fi enabled, that would be so awesome. Is there any solution out there that would work?

I know a gig of memory can easily fit onto a flash drive, maybe some kind of data storage like that could be used in conjunction with this ePaper device.

If someone comes out with this product, I will totally buy it!!

Seen and heard - the brilliant scientists at eInk are coming up with something, NY Times reports on it, Gizmodo checks out a epaper prototype from Hitachi, a digital book reader that is yet to debut, Polymer's rollable digital paper -- sort of looks clunky and a whole page from Gizmodo devoted to the topic