Friday, April 29, 2005

Real Motives

  • Google's shift in strategy [Fortune]
    Very interesting... are they shifting strategy because their view has changed, or is it because they've become a revenue-hungry public company?!
  • Wow, is Silver Lake going to buy out Sun Microsystems?
  • Darth Vader's blog
    Hehehe, the journal of Darth Vader, servant to his Supreme Excellency, the Emperor Palatine
  • The Business of Animationa
    A commentary on the biz.. and why animated films are so hard

  • Being nice is overrated [SF Chronicle]

    "I worked for Rupert Murdoch for four years. He was not a nice guy, even when he was trying to be. But he always told me the truth, even when it was not a truth I wanted to hear. It was a really easy gig, even when it was hard. I knew how I would be judged."

    Do you want the truth or do you want to hear something nice?

    Now, this doesn't mean be horrible and cruel. Just be honest, if you can.