Friday, April 29, 2005

Progress on the eBook Front

Cool ebook gadget from Sony called Librie.

Sony Librie

Uses the eink technology I discussed in an earlier post, so the screen looks like newspaper! Very neat. Unfortunately, the gadget only has 10 MB of built in memory (which is literally NOTHING) and only supports Sony Memory stick... aaah, why can't someone combine an iPod with eink technology?!

Apple, where are you?

(Thanks to
kottke for the information!)

  • Buy the Librie here for $600.
  • Read the wiki entry
  • Boing Boing's comments
  • Another review from

    As for permanent content, well there ain't any! Not yet anyway. So right now, if you don't keep buyin' the crappy book, you have 60 days to finish it, or you gotta buy it again.

    Gosh, crippled DRM management -- this is really not the way to go... don't companies understand that usable content is what drives purchases of gadgets??

    People aren't going to buy the ebook just because its cool. They will buy it so they can read news articles, so they can read books, research reports, or even read papers and textbooks.

    Shouldn't the gadget let you put your stuff on it??