Saturday, April 23, 2005

NY Times Link Generator

Very neat... you know how if you read an article on the NY Times, after a while, the article becomes an "archive" and you can no longer access it for free?

Well if you go to the website below and input the original link to the article, it will generate "permanent" links to articles in the Times. As in, you will always be able to get back to the original article. Very cool!

Check it out here:

Why does this work? Userland (which is the userid associated with the generated links) has a partnership with the NY Times whereby links generated by Userland will continue to work indefinitely.

... special coding tells the Times's server that the link is coming from a weblog, and now and in the future, this link will work without a fee to access the archive... If you link in to the Times archive through a link generated by the Radio UserLand aggregator, or compatible software, the link will continue to work in the future, as long as there is no substantial abuse to this system.

Hmm, what would be considered "abuse"?

For more details, read the explanation.