Sunday, April 10, 2005

Linklicious April 10

  • The Slow Fadeout of Rent-Regulated Apartments [NYT]
    Ack. Fewer and fewer rent-regulated apartments in NYC!

    There are more eviction proceedings in Manhattan than in any other borough, he said, with landlords frequently claiming that the residents don't live there full time, or that they sublet illegally.

  • Young real estate mogul

    Mr. Yang, 25, owns two apartments in Midtown Manhattan... He started three years ago.

    If you had some capital in 2002, you could be a mini-real estate mogul today! However, its unclear whether or not there is a currently a housing bubble, are prices going to go up forever?

    The article states that he often overbids to win apartments. Is that really a great idea, especially if you're investing? I wonder how he gets around the co-op association rules...
  • Mammoth remains unearthed in California [AP]
  • A 25-year-old Massachusetts Institute of Technology student has invented a revolutionary alarm clock that makes sleepyheads find it to quiet it.
    Hide and seek alarm clock
    I've seen info on this clock all over the place for the past month. But wouldn't you just ignore it? I guess the loud bleeping noises would get on your nerves after a while. Why not just put your alarm far from your bed, but close enough to wake you up? That would seem to do the same thing.