Friday, April 22, 2005

Ju Network

Have you ever heard of Ju Network?

Kane went to Korea recently, and he brought these amazing lycra nylons from the Ju Network.

I guess the Ju Network is all the rage in Korea or something. I dunno.

They have these little rubbery things on the bottom that give me some traction when I'm walking around.. its sort of a weird sensation.

Anyway, so far these nylons have been super tough. They've been strong, yet supportive.

I would say I'd endorse them, however, they have not yet been put through many "laundry tests", so I'll have to report back after that.

Since the Ju website is in Korean, I'm having trouble understanding what exactly it is and why its so amazing.. it looks like just another corporation? Or a direct seller of private label merchandise?

Here's a photo of the who appears to be the CEO of this enterprise.