Tuesday, April 5, 2005


I walked into the post office today to mail a package to a friend and of course there was a super long line. It being tax season, why should I expect any different?

Well then, I spotted the Automated Postal Center and there was no line there!!

So I walked over, weighed my packaged and in 2 seconds, I had printed out postage along with delivery confirmation. I even bought a book of stamps (I lost my old book, if you find it, can you let me know?)!

Then I took my package, dropped it into this giant mailbox and walked out.

All of this is less than 3 minutes!

Technology is great!

(What I don't understand is why people choose to wait in line instead of using the the kiosk or whatever? Whenever I check in at the airport, I use a kiosk. When I buy groceries, I use the do-it-yourself check-out. Why stand in line for hours?!)

I think the APC, as the post office is calling it, is great especially for frequent users of ebay and other online services. Instead of waiting forever to weigh a package and buy postage, you can do it instantly.

Of course, what's going to stop some psycho from dumping in explosives or a bomb into the giant mailbox? That is sort of scary...

Click here to learn some interesting facts about the APC.