Thursday, March 3, 2005

Tax Time

Its tax time! The past two years, I waited until practically the last week to do my taxes, and I also did my taxes by hand... I just read the IRS instructions, and filled out the forms myself. It was sort of stressful, and also really, really tedious. At the last moment last year, I also ended up itemizing deductions, which isn't really that hard, but just added another level of complexity.

This year... I am saying screw the pen and paper, I am going to do it online! So, through the IRS website, you can access any number of online tax preparers. The one I chose was TurboTax, although I might use TaxCut as well to double-check.

When I was in high school, I sold tax preparation software at CompUSA for my mom's best friend's computer company. (Said company has unfortunately gone bankrupt.) I would stand in the store with a giant poster board that extolled the virtues of their software, called "U.S. Tax". I think I actually persuaded a few people in the store to sign up... sort of sketchy huh? I think cheap Taiwanese programmers probably coded it up. Is there a liability issue if it screws up?


Also, I bought "Its Deductible", another TurboTax product that helps you figure out the value of your donations. Since I donated a lot of stuff to Salvation Army last year, I figured it would be a more reliable way of valuing the goods instead of guessing by me.. Surprisingly, it came up with a value of $950 for my stuff! Wow!

I hate doing my taxes.. I can't wait for this to be over. Of course, I am going to get a refund from the government of several G's... stupid, stupid I know. I just gave the government an interest-free loan! Well, someone has to try to help reduce the deficit, right? Ummm, right.