Monday, March 7, 2005

Should I buy?

I saw this daybed at Crate and Barrel last weekend. I feel like I live in a cardboard box sometimes, all my furniture was bought used (used IKEA stuff!) or purchased very cheaply.

My bed is really an old mattress on top of a futon frame, I bought shelves from a friend and the only new things I bought were a dresser (IKEA) and a desk (particle wood, baby).

Soo.. I've been thinking about upgrading my furniture. I sat on this couch, it was soft and comfortable. And, it looks a lot better than my pleather two-seater which has cat scratchmarks all over it.

Aaah, decisions, decisions. Do I really need this? No. Is it too expensive? Yes ($1,000+).

How do other people afford their furniture? And what if I just feel like upgrading again later?

Satisfaction is so out of reach...