Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rebates - I hate them!

I hate rebates!! Why, why, why do I always get sucked in?!?

So last January, I had to buy a hard drive since I wanted to back up all the oh-so-important documents on my computer hard drive. Since my computer is super sketchy and unstable (I "upgraded" it myself about a year ago), and often makes weird whirring noises, I think its pretty important to have another copy of all my documents -- old bills, some receipts, you know, boring financial junk.

Soo.. I searched and search for the perfect hard drive deal and Seagate had the Barracuda 160 GB ATA hard drive for $89.99 minus $40 mail-in rebate. I bought the drive from (I had a good experience, but the online reviews are pretty negative) and submitted all the stuff right away (UPC code, rebate form, blah blah blah).

So I got an email about a week after I mailed the goods, things were looking okay.. and then last Friday, I get a postcard saying that Seagate had "invalidated" my claim!!!!


I did everything right. I followed all the rules. Why am I getting screwed???

Rebates suck.. companies just use them as bait-and-switch tactics to get you to buy overpriced goods and then deny you your rebate submission. UGH!

So anyway, from now on, no more buying things that require rebates. I am still waiting for a $50 rebate from Radio Shack for a HTIB, but after that NO MORE!!

[Addendum: I resubmitted my rebate to Seagate -- or actually to the rebate processing company -- hopefully they will accept it this time. Although I still can't figure out why they rejected my application. Thumbs down on Seagate!]